blueberry pancakes
Breakfast, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Treats, Recipes, Sweet, Vegan
Delicious Healthy Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry oat pancakes, can we get a halle-berry! Not only are they another [...]

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Crepe with orange syrup and bananas
Breakfast, Recipes, Sweet
Crepes with Orange Syrup & Caramelised Bananas

Aubrey’s Traditional Creperie

This crepe recipe is true and dear to our [...]

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nutella stuffed cookies
Cookies, Recipes, Sweet
Nutella Stuffed Cookies | Double Chocolate Cookies

Nutella Cookie Recipe

Chocolate chip cookies filled with Nutella. Yes please. These [...]

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cinnabon rolls
Breakfast, Recipes, Sweet
Cinnamon Rolls | Cinnamon Buns Recipe

Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

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Jam Puffs
Pastry, Sweet, Vegan Desserts
Jam Puffs | Jam Danish Recipe


Jam Puff Danish Recipe

July 21, 2020

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apple cinnamon danish
Breakfast, Pastry, Sweet, Vegan Desserts
Apple Danishes | Apple Cinnamon Swirl


Apple Cinnamon Danish Recipe

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maple pecan danish
Pastry, Sweet, Vegan Desserts
Maple & Pecan Danish | Maple Pecan Plait

Pecan Danish Recipe

This pecan danish [...]

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nutella twists
Pastry, Sweet, Vegan
Nutella Twist | Chocolate Puff Pastry Twists


Our chosen chocolate here is Nutella, hence Nutella Twist, but [...]

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pecan butter filling
Recipes, Sweet
Pecan Butter Filling | Homemade Pecan Butter


Pecan Butter Recipe

July 1, 2020

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Cherry Bakewell Tart
Cakes, Pastry, Sweet, Tarts, Vegan, Vegan Desserts
Cherry Bakewell Tart

Cherry Bakewell Tart Recipe

You’re in for a real treat with [...]

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