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slow roasted tomatoes
Basics, Healthy Recipes, Savoury, Sides, Summer
Slow oven roasted tomatoes

Sticky Sweet Slow Roasted Tomatoes 

Yes, we may be back again with some [...]

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smoked salmon crepe
Breakfast, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Savoury Dishes, Lunch, Recipes, Savoury
Smoked Salmon Galette with Ginger Mascarpone

Savoury Crepes: Smoked Salmon & Ginger Mascarpone

Again a crepe recipe [...]

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blueberry pancakes
Breakfast, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Treats, Recipes, Sweet, Vegan
Delicious Healthy Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry oat pancakes, can we get a halle-berry! Not only are they another [...]

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root vegetable salad
Dinner, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Savoury Dishes, Lunch, Savoury, Sides
Root Vegetable Salad | Warming Vegetable Salads

Roasted Root Vegetable Salad: Jerusalem Artichoke & Potatoes [...]

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kale salsa
Healthy Recipes, Sauces & Marinades, Savoury
Kale Salsa Verde | Cavolo Nero Salsa Recipe

Kale (Cavolo Nero) ‘Salsa [...]

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avocado sauce in pasta
Healthy Recipes, Sauces & Marinades, Summer, Vegan
Avocado Sauce | Avocado Pasta Sauce

Creamy Vegan Avocado Sauce Recipe

This avocado sauce is super simple, easy to prep and [...]

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quick tomato sauce and pasta
Basics, Dinner, Healthy Savoury Dishes, Lunch, Sauces & Marinades, Savoury, Summer
Quick Tomato Sauce | Tomato Pasta Sauce Recipe


Quick & Easy Tomato Sauce Recipe

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tomato salad with warm herb oil dressing
Healthy Recipes, Healthy Savoury Dishes, Savoury, Seasonal Recipes, Sides, Summer
Tomato Salad with Warm Herb Dressing

September 21, 2020

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Dinner, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Savoury Dishes, Lunch, Savoury
Teriyaki Bento Bowl | Teriyaki Bowls

Teriyaki Bento Recipes

The first time we tried out this sauce and created a cohesive dish was in second [...]

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stewed aubergine with peas
Dinner, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Savoury Dishes, Recipes, Savoury, Sides
Yellow Split Peas with Aubergine


Yellow Split Peas & Aubergine Recipe

You could say that this is a take on daal and [...]

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