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New Year, New You .. Isn’t that what they say?

Helping you on your food journey

So it’s the New Year and not much has changed in our Global pandemic situation. Well, not for the United Kingdom at least. But we must all look to the brighter side of things, no matter how dim they may be. It is a New Year and what better time to start focusing on yourself and healing your body. Some people may be saying that we’re ‘stuck’ indoors. Why not change the meaning and the message; choose to be at home to focus on yourself and regroup. Be kind, be mindful this year and heal your body from within.

So, why not set your New Year’s resolution to focus on your food journey? And if you do, we want to be there to help!

Spices&Hay are working hard this year to bring you meaningful content on food, nutrition and mental wellness. Obviously to stay sane and healthy in all aspects in life, occasional treats will be needed. This is why you’ll see both ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ treats, recipes and dishes on our site and instagram. We want to try and help achieve that balance in your lifestyle and having a healthy mental approach to food. And that doesn’t mean we won’t be learning or having bumps along the way! A lot, if not majority of what we write is personal first hand experiences. We’ve probably been through all of what we’re going to write. Which is essentially why we are writing it, hoping that someone reading will know that they aren’t the only one.

Be kind, be mindful this year and heal your body from within.

What we hope people learn is to understand food and what they are putting into their bodies. To respect not only ingredients and the food they eat but in turn also respecting their bodies. Why would you not nourish and feed your body with everything to make it thrive. Whoever said “food is thy medicine” seriously wasn’t lying!

No one is expecting you to be perfect. Hell, we still aren’t perfect! We sometimes over indulge, don’t listen to our bodies, go a little crazy. It’s natural. It’s human. But reset and come back all guns a-blazing. What really counts here is, learning how to feed your body with all the nutrients it needs after our indulgences. Our food journey is all about learning, understanding, making a few mistakes and growing.

So, at some point, we hope you do come to a better understanding with your body and food. Yes, we may be repeating ourselves here but it’s super important! Promise. You might not know that one thing your eating could be triggering a pain you didn’t think was related. Or even, an emotional trauma could be causing this. Honestly, your body is magical. Understand her/him, love her/him.

Learn how to feed your body with all the nutrients it needs after our indulgences in life.

Remember a couple of things on your journey always:

  • Your journey is not the same as others
  • Start small; take your time and as long as you need for your body to adjust
  • Setbacks are part of life; take a breath and keep moving forward

There are also some other perks we might like to add. Once you start understanding and experiencing the flavours of food and ingredients in the best versions of themselves, you’ll start to get excited about food. And we promise, getting excited about food is one of the best things in life. You’ll have these memories and experiences in life that only food can bring you. You’ll start to appreciate eating out and where you eat out – and trust us friends, that is a big difference! And we hope it will strengthen or bring a new found love to cooking! 

So we bid you adieu and a Happy New You.


Saphron and Shaina 


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